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Phone: 01423 322208

Our new Eco Committee

This year we have launched an Eco committee with several pupils from each class involved. They were interviewed and chosen for their commitment, ideas and enthusiasm for the environment. They have been tasked for this year to make a lasting impact on the way that the school operates with the aim to make the school an eco-school. We meet as often as we can and each month, we are trying to focus on doing one big change. So far, the changes we have made are:

  • September: Formed the committee
  • October: Conducted a self-review audit and prioritised areas we were passionate about.
  • November: Set up recycling for lunches and snack time in school
  • December: Arranged for recycling bins in each classroom
  • January: Set up a litter pick rota for the grounds.
  • February: Had a visit from Power Down Pete to introduce us to our next priority which will be Energy.
  • A special mention to Hot Dot Laser, who provided us with amazing Eco Friendly personalised badges.