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Our Curriculum

At Boroughbridge Primary School we aim to deliver a national curriculum that is exciting, fun and creative. Our teachers work very hard to bring the curriculum to life, make connections to learning and prepare children for an exciting learning journey. We are very proud of what our children achieve and so are they. At the end of each term we reflect on what we have done, we celebrate what’s worked well and what progress we have made on our learning journey and look towards our next steps.

Foundation Subjects are taught through a variety of topics. Our cross-curricular approach facilitates the use of subject specific skills to a relevant and engaging topic area. Below are details of how we ensure that the whole curriculum is covered effectively and that the children access a broad and balanced curriculum. Teachers plan in the national curriculum objectives into each topic, ensuring they are child-led and exciting, giving their learning context and meaning.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum please see the national curriculum or contact our Headteacher.




Art & Design


Design & Technology





Physical Education

Religious Education

SMSC / British Values


EYFS Curriculum